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. despite the lingering hostility with north korea, secretary of defense chuck hagel. >> they showed the world that different people and different nations can accomplish many, many good things for the world when we work together. >> reporter: i'm christina multi. >> 26-year-old corp. ram matt bradford lost both his legs and eye sight in an explosion in iraq. today the family of five got the keys to their new home in nicklasville. the five-bedroom, five bathroom house was custom built by the helping hero program and rad ford says the one-level home will make life easier. >> to get on the floor and chase her around now she is walk and just a lot of things that we haven't been able to experience as a family we'll finally get to experience. >> the home is equipped with ramp and white hallways to accommodate wheelchairs and bradford continues to serve in the marine's wounded warrior battalion. >>> the burning man festival is about to get more crowded. the bureau of land managements had issued the organizers a four-year permit. last year attendance at festival was more than 53,000. auth
't apparently change. and smothering defense and timely hitting and even though they used different closures down the stretch, this one still had a beard to fare. >> the team is making a habit of dropping into the white house. last season and team manager gave the president a special sign of bad and ball. >> we want to present you with a kwoum of gifts here for thank for taking time out for us. >> the president make note of the team dedication to the community service. you can fiepd the president's entire speech under the hot topic section at >>> a south bay family will hold a proper bare yell for a korean war veteran. and are expect to arrive tomorrow. he's been classified as missing an action for more than 50 years until his remains were identified. the army collected from family members. the funeral is scheduled later this summer at golden gate national cemetery. . >>> rain barrying down in high why. and remarks by pope francis as it marks the shift of the vatican. >>> cool weather remains over the bay, coming up how long will this shower stick around. >>> an early morning f
the harm's way and resources now, more than ever homeowners must create defensible space to protect themselves. >> managing the location around your home really pays off >> if you don't maintain them there is a lot of deadwood that accumulate in the trees and that's just fuel. >> reporter: and now those homeowners face hefty bills when county crews go through it. john, ktvu channel 2 news >> we did get more sun than yesterday. >> because of it we have warmer temperature in many spots today. plenty of sunshine. our pattern changing very littly . it is going to remain here, it is actually going to deepen a little bit over the next couple of days so that'll help to bring additional cooling to our area, temperatures are just going to cool slightly as we get into tomorrow and thursday looks like it can be the coolest day. the system here bringing the northwest and westerly flow, the on shore breeze brings great air quality, that's not the case right now because we have fire burning in oregon, that haze of smoke is coming all the way down into the bay area, that flow bringing moderate air
this month inside a store at the san francisco gift center and jewelry mart. the defense lashed out at prosecutors, and one victim's family could not contain their anguish. >> reporter: raw pain, and anger from the family of 51- year-old lina lim. >> i want my sister back. >> why they kill her like that? he's still living. >> reporter: lim and khin min were shot and stabbed to death. lim's family came to court today for the second appearance of barry white. he killed them and injured the store owner over a dispute over a piece of jewelry. he's charged in the murder, and attempted murders of the store owner and six police officers. >> he should have the courage to face the families like us. >> reporter: white's only word in court was an agreement to put off a plea until next week. >> they want to conduct their own investigation as to what happened on july 12. part of that will certainly be an examination into this young man's health. >> reporter: white is due back in court next wednesday to enter a plea. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu, channel 2 news. >>> a san francisco soc
. and they sprayed area to keep the fire from spreading. the plant near by has defensible space. trains also run through the area and that's often said to have sparked. >> the windows in the house are still closed. just because once the smell gets in there it's kind of irritating. >> reporter: no structures lost in this four hour fire fight. but a couple of big riggs parked along the highway were scorched and had to be saved in a hurry. all told, 120 acres burned on a piece of land that residents tell me has a fire just about every summer. reporting live in bay point, deborah villalon, ktvu news. >>> this video have from a ktvu viewer and shows the flames and smoke. >>> ktvu has learned that construction crews will move forward with the so called quick fix for the eastern span of the bay bridge. we're told caltrans is already building the shims needed to provide support after the failure of a few dozen failed rods. those shims will be ready early next month. by mid-august, an engineering review should find if those shims are necessary. >> no decisions have been made on if the shims can be used t
to wikileaks. the most serious charge is aiding the enemy. the defense argued that he was naive and just wanted the world to know the atrocities of war. >>> a los angeles county district attorney is asking the court to keep 62-year-old christopher hubbart in a state hospital until legal issues over where he will live are resolved. he's due to be released in los angeles county in november. but the district attorney says he should be released in santa clara county where he lived when he admitted to raping and sexually assaulting 38 women across the state. >>> neighbors stood side by side with oakland city leaders to declare they're fed up with violent crime. as cara liu reports a recent set of attacks is pushing these citizens to step up and take action. >> enough is enough, and that oakland is not going to live like this anymore. >> we live here and we're not going to stay in our houses and hide from them and let them take over. >> reporter: expressing outrage over recent violence, city and community leaders took a stand saying oakland needs help. >> the county has offered. we were too proud and
about the fact that the raiders needed lots of new faces in the offseason especially on defense. they drafted a corner back in the first round. d.j.hayden, they've also brought back a familiar face in charles woodson. this is only allen's second year in oakland but he has history with some of the team's new players. >> i think we have some veteran players in there that understand how to play the game. they played this game at a high level. i think there's some leadership back there on the back end. >> i've been to war with a couple of those guys. i've been through battle with a couple of those guys, i understand what they can do. and i understand what their value is to this football team. >>> ready for this. we'll be talking about the nfl's opening weekend five weeks from tonight. that's it for this late sunday night sports wrap. have a good week everybody. >> that's what giant fans can kind of focus on, football right. >> when does the 49ers season start? >> they go to the white house tomorrow. >> the oakland athletics are in first place and extending that lead. >> the oakland
also stands facing espionage charges and computer theft. his defense attorney insisted during the trial that manning had no evil intent. when asked about the case at a san francisco fundraiser in 2011, president obama said manning broke the law. >> i have abide by [ inaudible ] i'm not authorized to release it, i'm breaking the law. we are a nation of laws. he broke the law. >> reporter: and frank and julie, we will find out tomorrow if the military judge agrees. she's been deliberating since friday after closing arguments ended. she's expected to announce the verdict at 11 tomorrow morning, our time. reporting live in san francisco, heather holmes, ktvu, channel 2 news. >>> the contra costa county sheriff's homicide unit is investigating the death of a man killed by a blow to the head. the victim was a transient identified as william seeward. deputies say was semi conscious and unresponsive, and died later at the medical center. >>> the people of maxwell park went to a community meeting this evening, to ask police and city leaders about the shooting death of judy salman. the 66-year-ol
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8